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Raw Food Studies

Eating exclusively raw, plant-based foods is such a radical idea that some people inquire about the existence of clinical research that support such a lifestyle.... the preponderance of evidence that argue the even greater health benefits of eating raw food.

Where Do You Get Your Calcium?

Dietary intake of calcium is necessary for healthy bones, teeth, blood and heart. The American Dairy Association (ADA) would have us to believe that the best dietary source of calcium is cow's milk. But, is this really true?

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

As raw foodists we are frequently asked about dietary sources of protein. This is not surprising since we are all led to believe from an early age that the best way to get protein is by consuming animal products such as beef, chicken, dairy, fish, pork, etc.

Enzymes – The Secret Fountain of Youth?

Enzymes are large protein molecules found in all living things – plant and animal. Your body is capable of producing two types of enzymes, metabolic and digestive. In human physiological terms, metabolic enzymes are the spark of life. They are the catalyst for every single chemical reaction in your...

Juices vs. Smoothies – Which is Better?

Juices and smoothies make it easy for your cells to quickly assimilate the high quality nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and especially, dark leafy greens. Very few people eat enough raw fruits and vegetables. Juices and smoothies provide a quick and easy way to increase your consumption of these...